In the end love conquers all.

Love for yourself, love for the world and love for the beauty and flaws of the body. This is the secret of life.

studio Nanette Lindeman wants to spread love and wants to give the right example by making women feel good and by providing solutions for women with uniquely shaped bodies. Our designs are distinctive, refreshing and ready to love the female shape.

Make women feel confident and look good. That is what we aim for.

Upgraded activewear fits to flatter!

Using the endless possibilities of hi-tec fine knitting, studio Nanette Lindeman designs contemporary esthetical body contoured functional pieces that beautify the female body. studio Nanette Lindeman also provides solutions to improve comfort for women who are
unlike any other woman.

Seamless knitted garments are precisely fitted on any type of body shape. It produces a smooth and clean look. These garments conform smoothly to the shape of the woman. There are hardly any lines produced from under the clothes which gives it a streamlined silhouette.
Seamless garments means: no stitching, and almost no sewing and seams. It fits to flatter!

These clothes are perfect for active wear because they are lightweight, contain moisture wicking ability and provide the woman with unrestricted movement ability, wherever and whenever the clothes are worn.

backside girl wearing activewear bra top with ladder knit structure

The knitting technique.

Circular knitting or knitting in the round is a form of knitting that creates a seamless tube. When knitting circularly, the knitting is cast on and the circle of stitches is joined. Knitting is worked in rounds in a spiral. That’s why it’s called: seamless knitting.

5 interesting facts about circular knitting:

  1.  You can knit up to 8 yarns at the same time. So when you finish one round of the circle: you have knitted 8 rows!
  2.  The diameter equals the amount of needles. For the knitting machine this is a given fact. When you want to increase or decrease the size of the tube, you need to switch to an other machine with a bigger or smaller diameter.
  3. When knitting on the machine, air suction will actually suck the knitted fabric down into the machine.
  4. The knitting machine is so advanced the needle hooks are extremely tiny. That’s why you can knit with very thin materials (such as elastane and bare nylon). It’s like knitting with rag from a spider.
  5.  For the knitting experts: when knitting on a circular machine it is not the feeders that moves but the cylinder with needles that moves in circles.

Nanette Lindeman

Nanette Lindeman is a fashion designer graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy. It was the celebrated Dutch designer Jan Taminiau, during her traineeship, from whom she learned a valuable life-changing lesson that helped shape her future:

‘Choosing a specialism you are passionate about is the key to success in this industry’

Nanette found her passion in the craft of knitting and became an expert.

On the road to success Nanette obtained her Master Degree in Knitwear Design from Nottingham Trent University and further developed outspoken ideas about a signature collection. The only thing missing was the right machine to make her designs come to
The knitting machine producer Santoni was the answer to her call. Nanette and her designs were selected in an exclusive global competition by Santoni. Their new knitting machine gave her the right tool to develop and produce her long kept designs.

The female body is the drive and inspiration behind her designs. The ultimate purpose is to create womenswear that helps shape and beautify all sorts of shapes of the female body. Since every woman is unique, Nanette’s mission is to provide solutions for all women across the world. Her designs are distinctive, refreshing and ready to love the female shape.